Our quality control system focuses on customer satisfaction and excellent management and control of our processes. We are working towards even better customer service by focusing on the reliability of delivery, and organised processing and monitoring of returns. We will develop the quality control system according to our principles of continuous improvement.

The new quality control system

We have built a quality control system that covers our processes comprehensively. Process planning, documenting, analysing, and follow-up meet the quality standard ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Our principle of continuous improvement of quality and the processes is compatible with the standard requirements.

The certificate covers all our operations including design and manufacturing processes for rubber, silicone, and TPE-based products. As a part of the quality control system development, we improve our capability of meeting the customer’s exact needs by utilising 3D printing as part of the production process.

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Product development is everyday action

To serve our customers better and more efficiently, we are used to ongoing development of our services and production lines. Our product development is based on user experiences. To ensure product quality and the reliability of delivery, we design and manufacture the nozzles. The profile, designed and tailored for the customer’s expectations, will be finalised to meet all the customer’s specific needs.

Majority of our profiles are already designed for a specific target as the use of standardised products has reduced. The experience has indicated that co-operation with the customer’s designers in the early stages of the planning process often leads to the best outcomes.

We aim at finding the best solution for every profile. It can be tightness, noise reduction, insulation capability, price, vibration reduction or some appearance detail. We manufacture the nozzles for the profiles by computer-controlled machinery – this is how we achieve excellent accuracy.

Customer satisfaction is essential

Profiles tailored for customer’s needs are our most important products. The profiles are designed and manufactured in cooperation with the customer – this is how we can best serve our customers and meet their individual needs. Our goal is to establish a long-lasting, strong, and confidential relationship.

We measure quality with the help of customer feedback and the precise realisation of production schedules. We carefully examine found errors, and the risks and possibilities associated with the products meeting the requirements. Keeping customer satisfaction at excellent level is our priority, therefore we always research if there are ways to improve the experience with us.

Sustainability and responsibility

We choose our raw materials carefully considering their impact on the environment. We have systematically invested in development of profiles made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Our suppliers meet the Reach and RoHS requirements.

We use either rubber, TPE or silicon to manufacture our sealing profiles. All material is certified. We know what the material consists of and where the raw material is coming from. We mainly use Finnish raw material.